Special Encapsulation

There are some encapsulation methods that are for special situations.

The companies below offer comic encapsulation that is made not to be opened without detection being noticed. This is done because such encapsulated comics have being professionally graded. These companies will als do encapsulation on other print documents such as magazines and artwork.

  1. Comics Guaranty, LLC CGC: is a company that grades comics. They use a product called a CGC holder. This two layer comic encapsulation container maybe one of the best methods of storing a comic and having an idea of its market worth. The CGC holder has few different parts, two of these are a Barex plastic and Micro Chamber Interleaving Paper. 
  2. Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS): is a company that offers comic encapsulation and grading.
  3. Professional Grading Experts (PGX): Is a company that grades comics but directly offers other services such as pressing and basic cleaning.

Note: Because of the cost of grading and the quality of the holder, these encapsulation methods are usually reserved for special items.

  Millcase is a hard plastic case that is listed as having UV filtering. Clickable Image





Slab-Pro: is the name of the company that offers various products to protect and present your comics.  SLAB-PRO BLUE CGC PGX CBCS Graded Case Protector MARVEL SUPERMAN Comic Books

They even come in different colors. I have tried the product and it is a great concept. You might however need wider storage boxes.  Luckily Slab-Pro does sell Slab-Pro boxes that for Slab Pro fitted comics.  It seems to that Slab Pro fitted comics can add an extra layer of protection for shipping grades comics

UV CLEAR PROTECTOR is intended to put your slabbed comic book into to protect it from harmful UV rays and scratching. It is peel off item. I would say it’s a must have item if you display your graded comic books anywhere they are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time

COMIC PORTFOLIO are black vinyl portfolios for your comics designed like a folder, they are made of rubber silicone. I was generously sent a sample of Comic Portfolio Graded model and other products made by Slab Pro. The product is well made. They come in standard, graded and art styles.

Invisible Comic Back Board: Have you ever wished you could display that cool wrap around comic cover you picked up of some comic book? Well, this invisible comic back board may be the answer. Made of very clear and thick Mylar they replace your standard comic backing. After analyzing my sample, few thoughts:

This product may also help prevent corner dinging, of that most valued comic if dropped. This product is not cheap its more like the rolls Rolls Royce of comic backing, so I would say its good for something you really want to display or use it to protect your most valued items.

If you live in a warm climate I would still use micro chamber interleaving paper between the front and back covers. Mylar does not breath very much, like standard backings which absorb toxins. So another very interesting product from a innovative company. Did I mention they really look cool.

Note:  E. Gerber’s 914R 9 x 14 1/2 Legal Size bag will still fit under the Slab Pro, sort of, if your concerned about dust.

Hollingermetaledge [Archival Quality Envelopes]: These envelopes let you get to your comic without touching it too much. They are made of 10 point tan, acid/lignin-free buffered (pH 8.5) envelope stock with a crystal clear, archival quality polyester window according to the product website.

CGC Protective Cases ideas. These products may help protect your valued CGC cases from being scratched