Restoration Types

Restoration type one is to repair physical structural damage to a comic, such as mending a binding, general paper tears sealing, and replacing missing or rusty degrading staples.

Restoration type two is done to enhance the appearance of a comic, such at cover color touch ups.

The second class of restoration has caused lots of problems in the comic marketplace, because seller would not tell buyers about cosmetic enhances to the comics that they were buying. This lack of disclosure was and is seen as a type of fraud.

Restoration in reality, improves the life span of a comic, but suffers as a preservation tool because of the stigma of harming the authenticity of a comic. In the case of very rusty staple, sometimes found in golden age comic book (issues of climate and moisture)  restoration and preservation meet. Staple rust can migrate to the paper around it, which can result in the deterioration of the binding and discoloration of comic pages in contact with the staples. In such cases, structural restoration can prevent the further decay of the comic in association with rusty staples. In this situation, as in others relating to types of restoration, preservation and restoration are wed.

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