Conservation Artist and Notable Sites

Restoration Artist:

While we are listing the following vendors, we can not endorse their products or
services. The following information is just being presented for reference purposes.
Comics Ina Flash (Pressing Services, mostly) PO Box 3611 Evansville, IN 47735-3611 This gentleman’s services I have used was satisfied with his work at the time.
CFP Comics and Services, Inc. (Pressing Services, mostly) CFP Comics and Services, Inc.
638 Whittingham Place
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Classics Incorporated (Various paper restoration services)
PO Box 4780
Sarasota, FL 34230
Eclipse Paper Conservation (Various paper restoration services)
email at:
Restoration Lab
Susan Cicconi does restoration, pressing /cleaning, and other services
Email: (617) 974-1125 cell phone
Susan Cicconi
P.O. Box 632
Newton, MA 02456
Hero Restoration
Mike is a Collectors Society member and does restoration, pressing /cleaning and CGC submissions. ), 541-632-9392
4899 48th loop
Sweet Home
Paper Restoration and Conservation Products
Always test these products first, before using them on your comics.

Do it yourself Cleaning and Pressing: If you patience, space and time you may want to try cleaning and pressing comics yourself. This website gives really detailed instructions and outlines the materials to get started. I suggest you practice with comics that you dont care much abot first. This site is great for getting started in cleaning and pressing comics. There are also instructional video links too. Good luck.

Library of Congress: That is right the Library of Congress has a page on comic book care. Tell the douter that little fact.
Cleaning Antique Books This video shows how a way to clean old books.
Preservation Summary: Nice quick overview of comic care.
Comic Book Preservation 101: Another good starting point of comic book care
Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project: A collective effort to preserve key comic books spanning certain periods of time. Very interesting.
How to Store Comic Books: Authored by wikiHow Staff it discusses with pictures something many would not think of factoring into to their comic book care.