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Protective Mylar Sleeves, and Boards Vendors

E.Gerber Products, LLC : are the makers the famous Mylites Mylar sleeves. Mylites are Mylar sleeves that have a bendable flaps much like a ploy bag, but are make of one and two mil Mylar. Mylites are one mil thick and Mylites 2 are two mils. E. Gerber Products also makes 4 mil open top sleeves. E. Gerber’s prices are some of the most in inexpensive on the market.

The company also makes Acid Free Backing Boards called Half (24-mil) and (42-mil) Full Backs. All these These boards have a 3% calcium carbonate buffer throughout, maintains ph of 8.0+ add to the acid free backing board.
The company also make other products like CGC comic boxes. Full Backs are also perhaps one of the thickest and stiffest backing boards on the market. See their Amazon Store . too.

In the pass, some have commented on the quality of the seams on E Gerber’s sleeves, we have not had such problems to date. The seam issue may have a bad production run or a problem that may occur from time to time.

Another note to mention, as of the summer of 2010 they do not have an automated online ordering system. You have to call or e-mail your order in to them. I suggest you at least e-mail your order in to them to confirm what you have requested. Confusion in ordering can equal wasted time and money in reorder, returns and repacking fees.

Mylites 2 and 4 mil are a cost effective way to protecting large collects, for comics have to be opened from time to time.

Bill Cole Enterprises: is the maker of the Super Mylars sleeves called TIME-LOKS® . These 4 mil Mylar sleeves have pre-folded flap. TIME-LOKS use Ultraweld™ technology seems to try make their sleeves strong. Bill Cole Enterprises also makes 2 and 4 mil mylar with open flaps. The company also makes Acid Free Backing Boards called

  • THIN-X-TENDERS™ (24 mil thick) ,
  • TIME-X-TENDERS™ (42 mil thick)
  • LIFE-X-TENDERS™ have 3 layers: one is acid free backing board, 2. is 3% calcium carbonate buffer throughout, maintains ph of 8.0-8.5 3. another acid free backing board. The LIFE-X-TENDERS™ have the 3% calcium carbonate buffer at time of press of this article in the Bill Cole line. The company also make other products like CGC comic boxes and other products

The use of TIME-LOKS is best for rare or important comic items that need more protection from dropping, weather, or general handling within encapsulation. There is some skill involved in putting in and removing comics from these stiffer sleeves. Time-loks are usually rather expensive. Although, they are perhaps one of the best polyester film encapsulation products in the market, for items that are not opened and handled regularly after encapsulation.

BCW: Another company that has Archival Polyester (Mylar®) comic products. They make 2 and 4 mil comic sleeves and also other sizes. They also offer FREE shipping with some types of orders, which saves lots of money on large orders and is very rare.

Product: Comic Book Storage Boxes (Standard)

Bill Cole Enterprises: Vendor has a wide selection of acid free comic book storage boxes and CGC size comics sleeves. (Some of his other products are listed in more detail in other sections of this site)

E. Gerber Products, LLC : Vendor has CGC size comics boxes. (Some of his other products are listed in more
detail in other sections of this site)

BCW: This company also sells the card board boxes and many other interesting comic boxes. Ob=ne will be mentioned in the special box section. 

Product: Special Comic Boxes

Conservation Resources International: Make very serious paper conservation products for museums and government archives. One of these products is small selection of comic related items, such as the .060 Gray/white and .060. Just do search for the word  “comic”.

Collection Armor This is a newer concept comic book preservation method in which your comic book box storage box is protected from the elements. Another site offering very high qualify storage box option for your comics using tan acid/lignin free buffered (ph8.5) materials. Note: you may for what you get.

BCW: Short Comic Book Bin

This comic box appears to be made of heavy duty plastic. I have NOT tried it out. The box may be better for damp or wet conditions, possible storage problems or moving conditions. The plastic boxes seem to be able to store a heavier weight load.


Product: Micro Chamber Interleaving Paper

Bill Cole Enterprises: item is called Life-X-Tenders Plus™ 9 Mil Anti-Aging Preservation Sheets.

BCW: There product is cal Comic Extenders and sold in 10 mil Book thick sheets. Their Amazon Store Too.

Conservation Resources: MicroChamber Interleaving Paper for Comics   

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